What is NAWBL?

The North America Wheelchair Basketball League (NAWBL) was founded for the purpose of providing an organized wheelchair basketball league serving ALL athletes across North America from youth to adult.




















The NAWBL is being formed to fill the gaps that are currently missing from the existing and only United States wheelchair basketball league.  The NAWBL will focus on the sport of wheelchair basketball for every athlete with the primary objective of inclusion.  The NAWBL will have multiple youth and adult divisions to include a college division.

Who is Eligible to Play?

The NAWBL is open to all athletes who desire to play wheelchair basketball beginning with youth to adult. 

The NAWBL recognizes that there are Veterans that are seeking for a league to play.  Currently Veterans are given the opportunity to play at Valor and Invictus games but cannot play throughout the year as they do not have local programs to return to, or they are not deemed disabled to play in the only league in the United States.

Finally, the NAWBL will open the league to teams that are currently playing inclusively around the world.  Currently, teams from Canada and Europe allow this type of inclusion for wheelchair basketball.