Board Information

Keith Wallace
Board Member
Melissa Oberst
Board Member
Jason Hotchkiss
Board Member
Joel Gorecki
Board Member
Kelli Danielski
Board Member


North American Wheelchair Basketball League 

Officers and Committee Assignments

Officers: (First year positions will be appointed as two year terms for development of League)

President: Keith Wallace 

Vice-President: Melissa Oberst

Treasurer: Joel Gorecki

Secretary: Kelli Danielski

Committees: Team

Finance/Sponsorship: Joel Gorecki Kellie Daneilski, and Kevin Hood 

Classification: Sue Dineen Ross Norton and Willie Jackson

Rules: Mak Nong, Vincen Liddle and Eric Barber

Bylaws: Melissa Oberst and Katie VanCleve

Team Review/Ranking: Jordan Wilkens and Ross Norton

Marketing/Social Media/Website: Harmonee Ruetes and Vince Liddle

Officials: Larry Labiak, Beth Uhlrich and Dave Reiter