Board Information

Keith Wallace
Board Member
Melissa Oberst
Board Member
Jason Hotchkiss
Board Member
Board Member
Kelli Danielski
Board Member


North American Wheelchair Basketball League 

Officers and Committee Assignments

Officers: (First year positions will be appointed as two year terms for development of League)

President: Keith Wallace 

Vice-President: Melissa Oberst


Secretary: Kelli Danielski

Committees: Team

Finance/Sponsorship: Joel Gorecki Kellie Daneilski, and Kevin Hood 

Classification: Sue Dineen Ross Norton and Willie Jackson

Rules: Mak Nong, Vincen Liddle and Eric Barber

Bylaws: Melissa Oberst and Katie VanCleve

Team Review/Ranking: Jordan Wilkens and Ross Norton

Marketing/Social Media/Website: Harmonee Ruetes and Vince Liddle

Officials: Larry Labiak, Beth Uhlrich and Dave Reiter